The Monitoring system is a product of our company, consisting of technological, hardware and software solutions that are customizable to the customer’s preferences. It is possible to integrate existing modules into the system.

The system is integrated into various objects in Latvia (look at the “Main Clients”).

System description

The system is intended for the centralized collection of information from mobile objects in order to control the rational management of vehicles.

The main objectives of the monitoring system are:

  • Increase the efficiency of the management of mobile objects, control their scheduling and execution of traffic routes, as well as other specific tasks by customer’s request.
  • Increase the efficiency of using customer vehicles.

The vehicles are equipped with SmartGuard communication modules produced by our company and, depending on the complexity of the number of data to be received and transmitted, and the complexity of the status reports, can be implemented in different modular models.

There is no limit of the types and numbers of status messages. Data is stored on the company server for almost unlimited time, and can be used at the same time not only for Dispatcher services, but also for remote access from the client computers. All data that the module sends to the server are encrypted and are protected against unauthorized actions by third persons.

Standard system functionality:

  • fixing engine ignition state and transmitting information – ignition on/off;
  • fixing the vehicle’s speed and route and transmitting information;
  • fixing the coordinates of the event and the exact time and transmitting information;
  • fixing the number and status of satellites in the active capture area and transmitting information;
  • fixing temperature mode in the cargo compartment of the vehicle under control and transfer of information;
  • determination of the suitability of the driver’s authorized/unauthorized activities for the location of the vehicle (opening and closing of loading mechanisms, opening doors, picking up passengers, etc.) and transmitting information;
  • locking and forwarding status messages (up to 10) from the on-board to the dispatcher service, for example – the unloading is completed, the dispatching task completed, return to the facility, etc.;
  • Receiving “history” for receiving all the above listed and other additional parameters in the user’s chosen time period (hour, day, month, year);
  • vehicle disposition request – it can be done by both the dispatcher and the authorized person remotely from a computer or mobile phone;
  • dispatch request for a specific area for crossing an electronic card for the selected time period (hour, day, month, year);
  • remote control of the car (stopping the engine, disconnecting different devices, turning on/off the refrigerator, etc.);
  • vehicle movement monitoring according to specified parameters – fixed maximum speed, maximum set radius of travel, maximum time of coordinate messaging, depending on the condition of the car (running refrigerator, car unloaded, etc.);
  • the possibility to obtain the necessary data on the status of different devices from the vehicle (if connected to CAN) and the fuel level control in tanks;
  • Sending fixed text messages. The list of messages can be changed or supplemented at the customer’s request!

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