Automation of the main functions of the Latvian Republic Municipal police specialists



System Customer: Municipal police structures of the Latvian Republic

System purpose: Automation of the main functions of the Latvian Republic Municipal police specialists, development and production of special electronic devices. Stationary and mobile object equipment – working places of Municipal police specialists.

The project is implemented and operates successfully for more than ten years. Project development continues.

The main modules of the System:

  1. Resource dispatching: appointment, management of Municipal police patrols, task execution control;
  2. Patrols work quality control directly in the police cars;
  3. Technical equipment of stationary monitoring objects and  police vehicles.
  1. Resource dispatching: realized by using “SmartMonitor” system, developed by our Company, for more details please see the “Products” section.
  • Fixing the event (call), appointment of the patrol and special vehicles.
  • Patrol work quality control on the particular call. Each row (screen form), contains all necessary data about the particular call, including status messages from the patrol.
  1. Control of the police patrol work directly in vehicles, automation of the functions below:
  • Patrol authorization: by touching the receiver with electronic key (I-Button).
  • Authorization is performed by the patrol inside the vehicle before leaving for a mission. This procedure also confirms the electronic system efficiency: data transmission means, video recorders, offender identification system, sound and light warning devices, other special components of the system installed in a particular machine.

When System is activated (turned on) on the monitor and on the tablet terminal (optional) are displayed virtual buttons. With these instruments possibly to realize following features and capabilities:

  1. “Current time” – in all vehicles time is synchronized with the system of monitoring and management of Municipal police services;
  2. “connection with the server” – controls operator automatic selection and connect with servers and databases of the Latvian Municipal police databases.
  3. “video-recorder status” – information about activated video cameras (front and interior), as well as information about special settings related directly to the system of video recording.
  4. automated system to identify offenders “Video-registration” – scans the flow of vehicles or parking and automatically detects government vehicle numbers. Automatically sends the request to the database about detected numbers. In the case of violations (theft, a ban on the use, problems with safety standards, and others) the vehicle can be stopped to ascertain the circumstances.
  5. “Remote video monitoring” – controls situation inside and outside the vehicle. Remote control of all cameras installed in the police car, video and audio materials recording by the dispatcher.
  6. Automated information request about the driver. The on-board computer “SmartCar” automatically sends request to the databases and displays all information about the offender.
  7. “Navigation” – allows to search for the location of the desired object and to construct the route to it.
  8. In an emergency case allows to playback programmed alerts (fire, terrorist attack, natural disaster, etc.).
  1. Technical (computer) equipment of patrols in police cars and stationary monitoring objects.

In the “Gallery” you can see electronic devices, located in the patrol cars.

The main system control module is the multi-function onboard computer “SmartCar”, produced by our company (please see “Products” section).



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