The automated urban transportation management system “SmartCity”.



The system is designed to manage public transportation in Tartu (Estonia).

Purpose of the system: dispatching control and management of passenger transport, passenger information at stopping points about estimated arrival time and vehicle routes.

The project is implemented and successfully operating for over three years. Project development continues.

The main modules of the system:

  • preparation of the schedule of the routes;
  • operational control of the traffic on the routes;
  • automated accounting, control and traffic analysis;
  • reports traffic movement data;
  • passenger informing.

The key features of the system:

  • route scheduling
  • evaluating the effectiveness of the urban traffic routes
  • on-line monitoring and control of the vehicles on the routes
  • detects differences from the planned line schedule (information on the driver monitor, sending a message to the dispatcher). Two-way communication with the dispatcher (by transferring template text messages)
  • ensuring the control of safety in passenger transport. Possibility to connect additional cameras to the on-board computer to record the accidents that require investigation. Additionally, in the driver cabin is installed “alarm button”, to call the Municipal police.
  • Monitoring of urban transport movement on the routes in real-time, visualization of the vehicle location on a digital map on the dispatcher Screen
  • controlling of the average time that vehicle spent the on the route
  • Storage and processing of navigation and telemetric data from devices installed on vehicles
  • remote updates of the on-board computer software, control of the equipment work by CAN network.
  • transportation process operational data (automatic counting of passengers entered and exited from all doors of the vehicle)
  • reporting data on the implementation of the transport operation, tracking the number of vehicles on each route, as well as their location, average speed and other parameters.
  • review and analysis of data in the archive, finding solution of disputable situations.

Passengers informing system provide information:

  • schedule of the urban transport
  • displays on the external monitors the route selected by the driver
  • by built-in speakers and monitors passengers are informed about stops on the selected route
  • by electronic displays on the stops passengers are informed about urban transport approximate arrival time, taking into account traffic situation in the real time.

Technical support of the system:

  • The main control module of the system is the multi-function computer “SmartBus”, produced by our Company (see more in the “Products” section) It is set near the driver’s cab. The main management tool of the onboard computer is (touch skreen) monitor located in front of the driver.
  • dispatching is carried out by the “SmartMonitor” system developed by our Company (for more details see “Products” section).

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